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Villas Dental Clinic wants to make part of your history by making available treatments that will help you to preserve the health and beauty of your smile and your family’s.

Check the technology innovations we brought to you:

Straumann® Implants
Top German technology in world line implants.



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Av. Praia de Itapuã, Lt3­ • Qd.4 • Villas do Atlântico

Lauro de Freitas/BA • 5571 3369.0414  5571 99309-1118

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Dental Esthetic

That branch of dentistry concerned with the beauty and harmony of your smile. Amid the treatments we highlight the dental whitening and the famous Dental Contact Lenses.

Oral Rehabilitation

The loss of one or more teeth is more usual than we imagine, but the current implant and prosthesis technology enables the perfect rehabilitation of the chewing and esthetic functions without compromising comfort.


Orthodontic appliances to patient’s esthetic and functional correction are not restricting only to teenagers! People of all ages can use the current technologies as the aligners (Invisalign) and sapphire components which turn out to be extremely discrete on the smile.

General Dental
Restorations, root treatment, gum problems are some of the items from the extensive common procedures list from the office.

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Av. Praia de Itapuã, Lt3­ • Qd.4 
Villas do Atlântico • Lauro de Freitas/BA

 5571 3369-0414  5571 99309-1118