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Hoje em dia podemos considerar o laser na odontologia um auxiliar terapêutico indispensável aos consultórios odontológicos e médicos. Pesquisas científicas atuais demonstram que o laser tem ação anti-inflamatória, e poder de regeneração tecidual. Na odontologia, estes fatores permitem a diminuição do desconforto e uma recuperação mais rápida, imediatamente após a primeira aplicação do laser.


Check some of the therapeutic benefits of laser use in dentistry:


Anesthetic process

It helps to reduce the patient discomfort in the moment of anesthesia application, since it can be used as a pre-anesthetic. Subsequently to the administration of anesthetics the laser can be used to reduce the discomfort caused by the needle penetration. The laser can also promote the microcirculation improvement, and this way it can help in the absorption of the anesthetic in cases of patients who presents some difficulty to be anesthetized.



In the field of surgery laser therapy has been used to dental extraction, in alveolitis treatments (inflammatory process, infectious and painful that may occur after a dental extraction) and to minimize the symptoms after the dental extraction, since it promotes the reduction of the swelling, the pain and the involved tissues repair.



Dentin hypersensitivity

The laser is quite used in the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity which is associated with an acute, sudden and short-term pain. The hypersensitivity can occur during or after a dental restoration, because of gingival retraction, and after dental whitening. In these cases the laser application helps to reduce the hypersensitivity.



Thrushes, herpes and  mucositis

The laser has been used in the treatment of ulcerations (thrushes) too; to treat infections by the herpes simplex virus; in mucositis, diseases that mostly affect patients in chemotherapeutic treatment or radiotherapy causing pain and limiting food ingestion. It is estimated a reduction of approximately 50% in the treatment time with the supportive application of laser therapy.


Dental Whitening

Finally, we can mention the advantage of using the laser therapy in dental whitening, since it makes possible the procedure to be done in a single session by the acceleration process in the activation of clarifier agents that are used. In addition, it reduces the sensitiveness after the dental whitening process.


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