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It is the branch of dentistry that specially takes care of symmetric teeth alignment and the bad bite problems. The current technology of the orthodontic appliances makes possible a treatment that is faster, more comfortable and efficient.


Self-ligating brackets

It uses an advanced technology which reduces the treatment time by half in comparison with the conventional appliance (based on case analysis) and do not need to use dental rubber bands.


The self-ligating brackets are more comfortable, most of the time painless and minimize the number of visits to the dentist office.




Transparent aligners


This “invisible” appliance surprises by its visual discretion. It is produced from colorless material which does not need any type of metal. It is ideal to allow small orthodontic movements.


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Av. Praia de Itapuã, Lt3­ • Qd.4 
Villas do Atlântico • Lauro de Freitas/BA

 5571 3369-0414  5571 99309-1118